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"This game will change
your strategic mindset

Interactive 3-hours business games are challenging startups to jump into other founders’ shoes, build business roadmap through critical pivots.


Investor pitching - the perfect pitch

“Why should I invest in you?”

“When do I get my ROI?” 

Simple questions, not so simple to answer.

This game is the ultimate tool for honing pitching skills and understanding investors' mindset.

Participants’ value: 

  • Understanding of the investor mindset and expectations

  • Clear and sharp articulation of business proposition

  • Critical thinking to analyse new business opportunities

  • How to know your investor & follow the money trail


The ultimate Go to Market challenge

Ready for a strategic-challenge? 

Wait till our pivot cards hit your plans!

Startups will design a 360-degree GTM strategy with a set budget, brand positioning, business approach, and navigate common business challenges along the way.


Participants’ value:

  • Essential design success factors for a sharp strategy

  • Mapping stakeholders and balancing factors

  • Navigate common GTM challenges, unexpected roadblocks and pivots, segmentation and positioning


SME’s Blueprint for success 

The key success factor of setting up a small business comes down to balancing many factors through critical decisions and focus.

Use this game's 360-degree blueprint launch your new pilot business in a fun and interactive way.

Participant’s value:

  • SME’s success towards mission critical

  • Bullet-proof financial structuring

  • Mindset-shift towards business target audience, product, USP, brand, pricing strategy to meet goals


CEO Mindset: reverse engineering the future

Staying ahead of the game isn’t easy in the age of disruption. By working on defining how the future would look like and back-planning it, participants will go through the strategy challenge to be better than their worst competitors - that they don’t even know of.


Participants’s value:

  • Mapping the future and strategising towards it

  • Seeing paradigm shifts as opportunity

  • Creating future-proof business value proposition

  • Guaranteeing stability in an unknown-future

The Challenge
Pivot card

Once again thank you so much for delivering such a fantastic workshop! I'm delighted that it was an interesting experience for you, I'm looking forward to working with you again in the future, I'm sure we will have further opportunities!

Hanna Starchyk, enpact

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