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Access to 2000+ leading startups through our global network



factors about the startup

  • Seed-Series A

  • Asia/Europe/Israel

  • Unique startups with real impact on the economy and environment

  • Sectors: space, fintech, energy and sustainability

  • Mentored by Two Dots’ experts and strategic advisors

How does it work?

Our monthly special format:

Pitch session: 5 startups x 5 minutes x 5M€ ticket

We present to a large group of investors, and we are always looking for the next great startup. The presentation is usually the first time that the startups meet face to face with the investors. An important part of the presentation is the pitch, a traditional story about the startup that is told in a minute or two.

If you're interested to receive a taste of the leading startup in the world, let's arrange our first call

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