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One Step Up

We've all been there.

The journey to develop your own business can be lonely, unfocused and like a rollercoaster.

It get's better - promise!

Let's take the next step together.

We are 10 (women) entrepreneurs and experts,

and together we will reveal the impact that your business can create by diving into its potential and exploring its success path. We'll structure your ideas and create a customer-focused approach that will guarantee your success.

Working Woman

Business essentials


Get a 360-degrees package to make your business focused, targeted and profitable.

What's included?

  1. Business mapping and product structure

  2. Target audience analysis

  3. Messaging and communication

  4. Scaling and growth blueprint 

  5. Mindset empowerment

  6. Growth roadmap & financial milestones

6 sessions

Total 920€

Painting Wall

The Deep

Business Dive

Business deep dive:

scaling and identifying multipliers factors.


What's included?

  1. Business mapping 

  2. Product structure

  3. SWOT and USP

  4. Target audience analysis

  5. Messaging and communication

  6. Scaling and growth blueprint 

  7. Financial structuring

  8. Growth roadmap & milestones

  9. Mindset empowerment

  10. 1x industry expert session for trends, opportunities & door opening.

10 sessions

Total 1,250€

Image by Edward Cisneros

What a game-changing session! Thank you for the vital business insights, clear scaling model, and for giving me the courage to dream and act big, I'm on it!

Will definitely reconnect regularly.

Julie, CEO CorpRex

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