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Keynote to remember.


Inbal Rahav

About the Speaker


Inbal Rahav has worked with 1000+ startups, and is specialized in the crossroad between empowering women entrepreneurs and growing a financially-stable businesses. 


Known for her no-BS, direct and interactive keynotes approach, she combines practical strategies with an inspiring strategic vision, making her a sought-after mentor for women in business.




An interactive and impactful
keynote that your audience won't forget.

Bold & Beautiful
Interactive Stage Game

Target group: female entrepreneurs and small businesses leaders


Let's play truth or dare, 

designed for the bold and beautiful women in the audience

This gamified experience offers hands-on tools for entrepreneurship, blending excitement with practical insights:

  • Take that space: what does it take to be the boss.

  • Negotiation Adventure: Strategic negotiations with confidence.

  • Strategy Quest: Make informed decisions in a dynamic business landscape.

  • Leadership Power-Ups: Hone leadership skills through engaging challenges.

  • A little bit of shamelessness practice, it won't hurt.




Interactive keynote session starting at 6,500€


Back to the Future:
The unapologetic blueprint to female entrepreneurship.

Target group: female entrepreneurs and small businesses leaders


Embark on a transformative journey, a masterclass tailored for female entrepreneurs and small businesses, giving the foundation of business roadmap structuring and the practice of building big businesses. Dive into the unapologetic blueprint, featuring:

  • 10 lessons I Wish I Knew Before Embarking on My  Business Venture: Insights from a seasoned entrepreneur's journey, discovering key lessons and practical tools.

  • Unapologetic, sharp and direct business structure - your actionable steps to make your business laser-focused and ready for impact.

  • Blueprint for success: unveil a blueprint of successful startups, offering tangible takeaways to guide your entrepreneurial path with confidence.

Keynote starting at 5,500€


Let's talk about money.

Target group: female entrepreneurs and small businesses leaders


What do women want? Money.

Yes, it's not commonly talked about, it's awkward, but - 

its the single success factor of any business.

This strategic keynote will give the audience the mindset and approach that any business woman would need to make a strong financial structure to her business.  

  • Paradigm shift that you need about money, now.

  • Passion isn’t enough, money talks. 

  • The secret sauce - 5 practical rules to implement in your business in order to create a profitable company and reinvest it towards growth. 

Keynote session starting at 5,500€


No one cares about your tech,
now what?
(or - how money makes tech.)

Target group: female tech-entrepreneurs


Investors wait for the tech to be on the shelf, early governmental money is limited, how can you become a success story in the world of tech? Get the tools and rewire your assumptions about tech goes into business approach that will make you profitable faster, and independent of investors and grants.

  • How to become profitable faster from your innovative vision.

  • Structure a business roadmap and diversify revenue streams.

  • Forget about investors. That's how you'll become financial independent within 3 months.

  • Half of the time, double the gain. Streamlined financial acceleration - mindset and practice.



Keynote starting at 5,500€


The lecture has redefined excellence, providing unparalleled insights & practical strategies for women to unleash their full potential

- Irina Rubinchik,

Economic Attache LIAA, TechChill 23


Craft unforgettable content that leaves a lasting impact

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