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The plug-in program that will empower, structure and create
an impact that lasts.

We've delivered more than 1,000 workshops, business games and interactive sessions.

All designed and targeted with unique value - 100% interactive and personalized. 


Boring sessions no more.

Let your startups interact, debate and build a new startup concept in an interactive 3-hour business simulation game, designed to immerse entrepreneurs in the shoes of other founders, fostering a dynamic environment where participants construct resilient business roadmaps through critical pivots, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Starting at 1,250€


Business workshops
& implementation sessions

Investment-readiness to client-obsession, pricing to UVP,

our interactive sessions cover all business-related topics for startups' strategy, business and investment readiness, all structured in interactive and gamified methods.

The 1:1 implementation sessions are tailored to each startup's needs and maturity, designed to implement the tools learnt through assignments and come away with a co-developed business roadmap.

Workshop starting at 700€

Workshop + implementation sessions starting at 1,650€


Jury &
Keynote Speaker

Whether on grand stages or in exclusive VIP sessions, from hackathons to empowering events for women, we specialize in curating impactful experiences infused with valuable expertise.


Our jury experience provides a global perspective, delivered with passion, a big-picture focus, and an emphasis on cultural sensitivity.

Keynote starting at 4,500€

Jury starting at 950€


Impact Strategy 

Our 2-day Impact Strategy Bootcamp is crafted with tailored hands-on interactive sessions, delivering practical insights to elevate startup strategy.


Participants will engage in group pressure sessions and personalized implementation exercises led by experienced business coaches, refining strategies for successful business management, growth, and investor readiness.

Bootcamp starting at 7,700€


The game
will give you
that quick strategic
perspective you've needed all along.

- Shira Putrinda, Program Manager

Innovation hub session

Workshop Menu

Workshop Menu

All workshops are 100% interactive, hands-on and adapted to your needs.

The Big Growth 

Discover practical strategies for business scaling, focusing on operational efficiency, market penetration, and a comprehensive guide to propel your business towards substantial and sustainable expansion

Go To Market Strategy

Uncover effective market entry tactics, customer segmentation insights, SWOT and strategic PMF approaches to confidently launch your product towards market impact

Mastering Investor Talks

Crafting compelling pitches, decoding investor expectations, and navigating funding landscapes, equipping you with the skills to secure crucial investments for business growth.

From Research
to Strategy

Utilizing rapid research methodologies to explore the seamless transition from in-depth research to strategic planning, honing skills in data analysis, trend identification, and effective strategy formulation for business success.

Productize, Productize, Productize

Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.

Dive into the intricacies of product development, from ideation to market launch. Understand market validation, strategic positioning, ensuring PMF.


Practice quick fail, plan for hyper-scale,

urgent habits, and embrace boldness in business. Learn the art of fearless self-promotion, negotiation prowess, and audacious decision-making, cultivating the shameless mindset essential to success.

From Female Entrepreneur to Woman CEO 

Get empowered and ready for impact with a focus on female leadership nuances.

Explore business development, strategic decision-making, and strategic thinking as a woman CEO.


Immerse yourself in a customer-centric mindset. Explore strategies for even better understanding of customer needs, fostering loyalty, and creating exceptional experiences, ensuring your business thrives through an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

It's All About
The Money

Let's talk about money. Dive into the financial intricacies of business success. Explore budgeting, revenue streams, and investment strategies, gaining the financial acumen to drive profitability and secure the monetary foundation of your enterprise.

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