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Designed by women, for women.
10+ years of e
xperience in business strategy and leadership.
Here to be your wingwoman.


Here's how we empower women,
so they can empower others.

Entrepreneurship Impact Business workshops

Entrepreneurship Impact
Business workshops

It's time for an honest and structured approach for female entrepreneurs.

Immerse yourself in tailor-made learning experiences led by our expert facilitators. Our workshops and sessions are dynamic, drawing insights from the proven experiences of thriving entrepreneurs and women leaders. All sessions are designed by and for women entrepreneurs, nurturing a safe environment where personal empowerment can thrive.


Your value:

  • Interactive strategic mindset building

  • Skill-building tools for self-navigation

  • Hands-on structure for success execution

  • High-energy guidance from seasoned experts

  • Woman-to-woman confidence building

Starting at 700€

The Transformative Bootcamp

The Transformative

Go beyond traditional training - dive into a 2-day transformative experience for women entrepreneurs.


Crafted by and for women entrepreneurs, seamlessly integrating engaging interactive business games, masterclass insights from industry experts, and a wealth of hands-on practical skills. This synergy is the key to our revolutionary 180-degree transformation, guiding startups from concept to structured success.

Your value: 

  • Turn a business vision into action plan

  • Full strategic roadmap structure completion

  • Short and long term mapping for easy execution

  • Gamified navigation through startup scenarios

  • Efficient problem solving hacks and best practice

  • Nurturing trust for female entrepreneurs

Starting at 7,500€

MeFirst-time entrepreneur Structure Booster & Strategyeting

First-time entrepreneur
Structure Booster & Strategy

Isn't it about time your efforts turned into clients and revenue?

Ready to elevate your business strategy? Our specialized consulting services empower women entrepreneurs to define their target audience, craft compelling value propositions, and develop roadmaps for sustainable success.

Your value:

  • 3 impact sessions and execution guides

  • Identify your ideal customer base effectively

  • Craft compelling messages for maximum impact

  • Build roadmaps for sustainable business growth

  • Define clear objectives for measurable success

  • Tailored strategies aligned with your goals

Starting at 700€

Events Jury & keynote speaking

Jury & keynote speaking

Executive female experience - in your event.

Elevate your events with our keynote and event jury services, backed by extensive expertise and a track record of coaching over 2,000 startups.


Through our international keynote speaking, we're dedicated to showcasing and celebrating women's achievements, imparting extensive knowledge and hands-on experience spanning diverse industries.


Your value:

  • Expert event juries for constructive feedback and industry-wide perspectives

  • Celebrating achievements and amplifying voices

  • Emphasis on diverse perspectives and contributions

  • Championing women's recognition and success

Keynotes starting at 4,500€

Jury starting at 950€

Oksana Tatarina, Project Manager, RTG

It was a real pleasure to feel your energy and inspiration at TechChill Riga with "from a female entrepreneur to woman CEO" workshop! 

Oksana Tatarina,
Project Manager,
Riga Tech Girls

Hanna Starchyk,  Senior Program Manager, enpact

Thank you for sharing your expertise to support women entrepreneurs from Moldova and Ukraine in growing their businesses!

Hanna Starchyk, 
Senior Program Manager, enpact

Polina Lyabihova, Events Manager, Bridgio

Thank you for supporting the Women in Handwear empowering event and delivering such an inspiring presentation

Polina Lyabihova,
Events Manager,

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