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It's time you'll earn money.
We'll get you there, faster.

Business & Money workshops

No BS, practical, hands-on 1.5h workshop

to make your female entrepreneurs ready for impact.

What's included?

  • 10 hands-on success factors for getting faster to money (clients, investors, grants)

  • Secret behind a financial paradigm shift 

  • Showcase the secret sauce of Israeli women's way to make money faster (time-waste no more!)

Workshop Price:  700€

1:1 sessions for women in tech

Isn't it about time your efforts turned into clients and revenue?

Elevate your business strategy towards money-making focus with a comprehensive targets and action plan.

Your value:

  • 3 individual business commercialization sessions 

  • Identify your ideal customer base effectively

  • Craft compelling messages for maximum impact

  • Build roadmaps for sustainable business growth

  • Define clear objectives for measurable success

  • Tailored strategies aligned with your goals

Price for 3 meetings: 700€

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