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100% of entrepreneurs have the same problem.

Discover our four business games

Why a
business game?

All entrepreneurs have an emotional connection to their startup that can impede the cultivation of a clear and strategic mindset.


Using gamification methods, startups will embark on a 3-hour strategic adventure, building a business case for a business which isn't theirs. This exercise acts as a catalyst for strategic thinking, challenging entrepreneurs to disrupt emotional constraints.

Business game starting at 1,250€


This game will hit
the restart button
on your business roadmap

Anne Chesterfield, Innovation Program Manager

Discover our four business games:

Investors Readiness:  The Perfect Pitch

Investors Readiness:

The Perfect Pitch


Answer the toughest questions from investors and you'll succeed this challenge.

“Why should I invest in you?” “When do I get my ROI?” 

Simple questions, not- so- simple answers.

Sharpen your pitching skills and grasp the intricacies of the investor mindset.

Participants’ value: 

  • Understanding the investor mindset and expectations

  • Clear and sharp articulation of business proposition

  • Critical thinking to analyze new business opportunities

  • How to know your investor & follow the money trail

SME’s Blueprint

for Success

Board the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship through a dynamic decision-making exercise. Develop a business blueprint by evaluating budgetary aspects, task prioritization, customer obsession, and the practicalities of achieving product-market fit.

Participants' value:

  • SME’s success towards mission critical

  • Bullet-proof financial structuring

  • Mindset-shift towards business target audience, product, USP, brand, pricing strategy to meet goals

SME’s Blueprint  for Success
The Ultimate  Go to Market Challenge 

The Ultimate

Go to Market Challenge 


Design a full 360-degree go-to-market business strategy and navigate common business challenges along the way.


Participants’ value:

  • Essential design success factors for a sharp strategy

  • Mapping stakeholders and balancing factors

  • Navigate common GTM challenges, unexpected roadblocks and pivots, segmentation and positioning

CEO Mindset and Reverse Engineering The Future

Define the future and reverse-engineer it.

Participants will go through a strategic challenge

and gain valuable skills for this age of disruption.


Participants' value:

  • Mapping the 5-future elements

  • Leveraging on paradigm shifts as opportunity

  • Creating your future-proof business value proposition

  • Guaranteeing stability in an unknown future

CEO Mindset and Reverse Engineering The Future
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